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30 December 2014

Teleogis Fleet 11

PRODUCT EVALUATION Enhanced telematics and asset management application

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Fleet (that’s a brand name) is the telematics and asset management application within Telogis’s cloud-based mobility management platform – which also includes dynamic routing, navigation and work order management. Since the system went live in 2001 Telogis has focused on using location intelligence to drive gains in productivity for companies with mobile assets and workers. 

Fleet 11 is the latest version, and has been developed in recognition that this intelligence needs to be both real-time and “actionable" to drive further fleet efficiencies. Telogis describes it as a major upgrade. 

New features include mobile applications that connect drivers and managers in real time, a new graphical user interface, and the introduction of HTML5 protocols. The system also supports Telogis Live 2.0, the location and data-sharing tool that integrates contractor real-time data and assets on one screen. 

There are new apps for mobile devices, aiming to allow supervisors and operators to “visualise” vehicles, assets and workers easily. The aim is to deliver a mission-critical, actionable suite of fleet management applications. 

The actionable information basis of Fleet 11 is reflected in the new Enterprise Scorecard, designed to bring clarity to potentially huge amounts of data. Managers can monitor any aspect of the business – for instance, reviewing the day’s progress, or checking on adherence to key performance indicators such as on-time/late arrivals, idling time, speeding, maintenance alerts and service-level agreements. 

Fleet 11 allows the creation of a role-based hierarchy to deliver customised views from a single, common data repository. The idea is that users can get real-time information that is relevant to them without being swamped by unnecessary detail, and they don’t have wait for data that is pertinent to their role. 

Actionable analytics

Fleet 11’s support for Live 2.0 helps overcome a perennial issue for logistics companies: how to connect contractors’ workers and assets on one screen so that information can be shared among multiple users to maximise productivity and operational efficiencies.

Telogis is now in partnership with several commercial vehicle manufacturers including Ford and Volvo, and has used its greater experience with vehicle CANbus data capture to incorporate detailed vehicle telematics data from this source for more advanced levels of alerting and reporting. 

Fleet 11 includes more touch-points with drivers as part of the “actionable information” approach, such as seamless integration between Telogis mobile compliance applications and the back office. 

There are also modules and apps for various other purposes. For instance, there’s one to help drivers comply with drivers’ hours rules, and another to manage pre-trip vehicle walk-round checks. 

An app called Coach gives both drivers and back-office staff the same view of a driver behaviour scorecard. Drivers receive a snapshot of the day’s driving behaviour, so can use the app to review their own behaviour, and they can also obtain tips for driving more responsibly and safely, hopefully gaining a better understanding of both their successes and any opportunities for improvement. 


Fleet 11 is highly configurable, and its graphical user interface makes it easy to see important information at glance. We like the integration of more data sets, which will help manage more aspects of the operation from a single point, improving efficiency.


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