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30 December 2014

Remote diagnostics for on-board cameras

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Users of 3G on-board camera systems from Intelligent Telematics can now take advantage of a remote diagnostics and maintenance service from the company. The aim is to ensure that cameras are operating correctly, and to reduce any possibility of loss of vital data.

Unlike many such systems, Intelligent Telematics’ IT1000 3G vehicle camera doesn’t rely on storing data on the vehicle itself; any significant incident triggers a transmission of the recording over a 3G data network to a server, where it can be consulted via a web-based interface.

However, the data can also be stored on an internal SD flash memory card, which provides backup. The new solution aims to provide complete visibility and control of devices, adding a further level of security. 

It ensures that the SD card has not become corrupted, and that corrective action can be taken remotely in the event of an issue.

Meanwhile, each device will now perform a six-hour health check, switching itself on even when the vehicle is immobile, and reporting its condition and status to the server.

The company now offers a full nationwide installation service through a network of established regional specialists.


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