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18 June 2012

Isuzu Trucks embraces telematics

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A telematics solution, Mimamori, that can be fitted to all makes of truck is now available in the UK from Japanese manufacturer Isuzu Trucks.

"It’s the first time we have launched a product without wheels says Tim Hicks, general manager of I-Vision, the division Isuzu has established to develop its telematics business.

"We think telematics are going to become increasingly important to our customers and don’t want them to think of this as vehicle accessory. Nor do we want to overwhelm them with data, so our reports aim for simplicity and are presented in the form of Spider graphs."

Since its launch in Japan for years ago, Isuzu Motors has fitted Mimamori in 45,000 vehicles. While this means UK operators are getting a proven solution, Hicks is also keen to point out that the company has invested time and funds into developing the product to suit the particular needs of UK operators. @UK operators want a simple solution, a supplier they can trust and fixed costs."

On new Isuzu Trucks vehicles, Mimamori will be offered as a three-year contract (matching the three-year care plan). Operators will pay a deposit plus a fixed monthly fee to cover tracking, messaging and diagnostics, with other features available on a menu plan.


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