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Issue 50  

Business world over-reliant on GPS - report

Seven hundred Hovis trucks to be tracked

Carlsberg adds telematics to Microlise WMS

Quartix lays claim to top telematics slot

South East Water rolls out convertible laptops

Spectrum change should enhance mobile coverage

Along comes another iPad

itablet aims for reflected glory

Motorolas tablet Xooms into the public eye

Intermec stakes its claim in voice market with Vocollect acquisition

O2 launches free Wi-Fi as The Cloud is grabbed by BSkyB

TT Express tracks its trailers

The rise and rise of mobile apps

Nokia and Microsoft – deal goes down well

New Windows Mobile features on the way

Truck drivers will stick to familiar routes unless directed otherwise

UK company plays key role in real-time German traffic monitoring system

Navteq maps to include Truvo business locations

Iron Mountain slashes accidents with telematics system

Trimble appoints specialist to head telematics-based insurance initiatives

Telematics-based crime prevention system to be offered as an app

Phoning, texting, eating – it all adds risk to driving, survey says

Track your coach, find your bus stop

Dual processor for Intermecs new handheld range

Casio keeps distinctive form factor in handheld upgrades

Enhanced JLT in-cab computer can serve as mobile office

Daylight-adjustable in-cab monitor from Nexcom

Remote vehicle and driver data downloads from Aplicom

Box drives launch of Motions small-format tablet computer

Tecton warehouse handheld takes over from LXEs MX7

Iveco Blue and Me

Iveco harnesses telematics to prove fuel savings

Ctracks ICE offers lone worker tracking – and more

Entry-level tracking from MiX Telematics

Renault launches branded satnav system

Paragons plan versus actual system for fixed routes

Mobile payment processing under TBS deal with Mint

Bluetooth voice recognition headset

GPS, Galileo, GLONASS – all in a single chip

Tracker Network schedules engineers with Paragon

Ramage seeks fuel savings with CMS tracking system

Glanbia tracks across Ireland

Britvic automates field service operations with Solarvista

Internet search leads tyre specialist to Spirit

Tracking combats plant theft

Tracking reduces disputed invoices

Tracking brings even more benefits than Drainage Network bargained for

Incident reporting added to Codegate suite

TruckStops scheduling offer more control, better tracking integration

Imtech launches transport management and parcels package

Free maps in web pages from deCarta

Android users – keep an eye on security


Managing your mobiles from afar

What you intended what youre doing now and what you actually did

Right place, right parts, right person, right time

Best practice for return on telematics systems

Fargo TOPS

Skanskas field force goes to work on an Apple


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Managing your mobiles from afar

What you intended what youre doing now and what you actually did