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Issue 33   Feb/Mar 2008


Mobiles 'will increasingly take on satnav functions' (Feb/Mar 2008)

'Lack of adventurousness' in mobile phone use (Feb/Mar 2008)

Mobile enterprise - the challenges and rewards quantified (Feb/Mar 2008)

Could Intermec spearhead push-to-talk revival? (Feb/Mar 2008)

Eddie Stobart goes live with tracking and fleet management (Feb/Mar 2008)

Tarmac to track 1,350 aggregate vehicles (Feb/Mar 2008)

New handhelds for Amtrak (Feb/Mar 2008)

Satnav comes as standard when you buy a Pearl (Feb/Mar 2008)

Spot satellite alerting system launched in Europe (Feb/Mar 2008)

Savi tracks a quarter of a million containers (Feb/Mar 2008)

US government moves towards mechanical seals (Feb/Mar 2008)

Multi-technology, multimodal global tracking launch (Feb/Mar 2008)

Internet connection with latest INCA tracking system (Feb/Mar 2008)

Tracking provided as standard on Dawsonrentals trailers (Feb/Mar 2008)

Scania aims to switch telematics focus to information (Feb/Mar 2008)

OS mapping opened up for Web applications (Feb/Mar 2008)

Masternaut buys its Web hosting company (Feb/Mar 2008)

Codegate takes over i2 (Feb/Mar 2008)

Forum aims to create GPS/GSM location hybrid (Feb/Mar 2008)

Fleet Observer fine-tunes its tracking system (Feb/Mar 2008)

Distributors to handle Psion Teklogix mobile sales (Feb/Mar 2008)

Destiny buys rights to Logitech digital pens (Feb/Mar 2008)

Near and far scanning from Intermec (Feb/Mar 2008)

Orange marvel now available from Spirit (Feb/Mar 2008)

Second-generation Duo-Touch tablet (Feb/Mar 2008)

Phone-like handheld from NordicID (Feb/Mar 2008)

Archiving handheld from Nordic ID (Feb/Mar 2008)

Minorplanet to launch touch-screen cab computer (Feb/Mar 2008)

Scheduling from 360 integrated into Masternaut package (Feb/Mar 2008)

Temperature logging from Masternaut (Feb/Mar 2008)

Self-contained tracking from CMS (Feb/Mar 2008)

Truck-specific satnav from PTV (Feb/Mar 2008)

Slicker installation for TomTom business users (Feb/Mar 2008)

eGPS 'could bring highly-accurate location finding to mobile handsets' (Feb/Mar 2008)

Laptops that aren't allowed to stray (Feb/Mar 2008)

Paragon offers Navman tracking as core scheduling system gets upgrade (Feb/Mar 2008)

Vocollect extends third-party hardware support (Feb/Mar 2008)

HSPA wireless chips as standard in Lenovo laptops (Feb/Mar 2008)

Psion Teklogix's overhauled service programme 'could halve costs' (Feb/Mar 2008)

Intermec's wireless printer offers speedy performance (Feb/Mar 2008)

Qcom to supply service and support for Janam (Feb/Mar 2008)

Spirit speeds timber sales for Jewson (Feb/Mar 2008)

Gilbarco Veeder-Root tracks vans to improve pump service (Feb/Mar 2008)

Groundwork contractor 'could save 100,000 by tracking (Feb/Mar 2008)

Hybrid truckmounts for dockyard wireless network (Feb/Mar 2008)

Visibility and tracking cut costs and shorten lead times for Instarmac (Feb/Mar 2008)

Chep spends over a quarter of a million on tracking trial (Feb/Mar 2008)

Digital pens streamline care assessment process (Feb/Mar 2008)

OS maps now available for Web 2.0 mash-ups (Feb/Mar 2008)

Roadside warnings added to Navteq mapping (Feb/Mar 2008)

Live Search guides phone users to points of interest (Feb/Mar 2008)

Pedestrian maps from Tele Atlas (Feb/Mar 2008)

More flexible mobile apps with MobiForms 4.0 (Feb/Mar 2008)

Mobile apps 'ready in 15 minutes' (Feb/Mar 2008)


Watching over you (Feb/Mar 2008)

Portable computers for delivery operations (Feb/Mar 2008)

ePOD underpins IKEA's online expansion (Feb/Mar 2008)

Field service solutions - evolving fast (Feb/Mar 2008)

Mobile management helps keep car hire firm greener (Feb/Mar 2008)

Evaluation: Neva - Comprehensive routing, tracking and fleet management system (Feb/Mar 2008)


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