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Issue 32   Dec 07/Jan/08


Operators 'slow to prepare' as low emission zone looms (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Select Committee voices concern over Galileo 'GPS' scheme (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Trailer tracking monitors African cycle ride (Dec 07/Jan 08)

DHL streamlines home deliveries with robust POD package (Dec 07/Jan 08)

TomTom wins through in Tele Atlas takeover battle (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Microsoft grabs Multimap (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Aerial imaging brings Navman tracking to life (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Orange expands mobile Internet access (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Low-cost GPRS roaming (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Continental acquires Siemens VDO (Dec 07/Jan 08)

WiMAX on the march (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Less time to port mobiles numbers (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Tour guide on your satnav (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Spotlight on B2M Solutions (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Advanced interface eases courier collaboration (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Handhelds underpin Habitat's streamlined stock-taking (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Mobile data awards: entries sought (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Sweepers tracked (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Tracking and field service apps added to Destiny pen portfolio (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Smallest and lightest LXE handheld so far (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Bigger keys in tougher CN3 model (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Full launch for CX Mobile courier job management system (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Trailer and asset tracker from Minorplanet (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Tracking with two-way radios (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Rapid response service for personal tracking system (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Trailer tracking from CMS (Dec 07/Jan 08)

UK 'slow to take up voice-activated picking' (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Camera scanner for 'difficult' goods (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Grabba mobile accessories from Varlink (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Cordless scanner from Datalogic (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Dolphin handhelds gain integral GPS (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Faster, smoother satnav from Destinator (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Mobile satnav for 39.99 (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Psion moves into biometrics (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Tracking is ace, says waste and skip hire firm (Dec 07/Jan 08)

IT support company streamlines with real-time scheduling (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Eezehaul monitors driver and vehicle performance (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Worthing tracks graffiti with mobile application (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Action Aerials goes wireless to streamline installations (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Routing and scheduling system streamlines smart meter installations (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Housing repairs streamlined (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Jeffreys tracks idle running and cuts emissions (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Dexterra Concert gains added flexibility (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Ryzex and DA Systems in mobility partnership (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Free mobile email unleashed by Momail (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Free mobile email for iPhones (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Slicker mobile browsing from Opera (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Condico launches remote device management service (Dec 07/Jan 08)

How to build mapping into your software (Dec 07/Jan 08)


Location, location, location (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Smartphones - clever enough to rule the mobile world? (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Digital tachographs - how are they settling in? (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Evaluation: Psion Teklogix iKn - Compact, powerful rugged PDA with executive aspirations (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Satnav on steroids (Dec 07/Jan 08)

TNT's handheld roll-out pays off (Dec 07/Jan 08)

Converging on the van market (Dec 07/Jan 08)


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