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Issue 31   Oct/Nov 2007


Psion's stylish iKn raises stakes in must-have handhelds (Oct/Nov 2007)

Smartphone that thinks it's a scanner (Oct/Nov 2007)

Truck-based satnav in prospect as Navteq and Tele Atlas launch transport data (Oct/Nov 2007)

Psion unveils PDA-style iKn (Oct/Nov 2007)

Nokia's Navteq acquisition propels it further into the LBS market (Oct/Nov 2007)

Trimble throws down the gauntlet with competitive tracking offer (Oct/Nov 2007)

'World's largest scheduling contract' goes to UK supplier (Oct/Nov 2007)

Satnav plus TV (Oct/Nov 2007)

Telematics supplier launches bid for field service space (Oct/Nov 2007)

AirVersent - the new name for Telepartner (Oct/Nov 2007)

Masternaut enters Tech Track 100 list (Oct/Nov 2007)

Wi-Fi sharing comes to town, courtesy of BT (Oct/Nov 2007)

Free Wi-Fi with your Big Mac or Aussie meal (Oct/Nov 2007)

Free wireless networking on Apple's iPhone (Oct/Nov 2007)

WiMAX wireless networking gets standards fillip (Oct/Nov 2007)

Saffire chosen to track yachts in round-world race (Oct/Nov 2007)

Nokia's most advanced tablet computer is rolled out (Oct/Nov 2007)

Factory fitting for Asda's Isotrak systems (Oct/Nov 2007)

Online analysis squeezing more from digital tachs (Oct/Nov 2007)

GreenerFleet (Oct/Nov 2007)

Tracking catches fly-tipper (Oct/Nov 2007)

Fast and fully-specified - Socket's bid for the business PDA market (Oct/Nov 2007)

HTC handsets from Hugh Symons (Oct/Nov 2007)

Swift and sleek on scanning apps (Oct/Nov 2007)

New-generation in-cab unit 'can serve as communication hub' (Oct/Nov 2007)

Ruggedised laptop from Getac (Oct/Nov 2007)

More compact Trux terminal from Barcode-IT (Oct/Nov 2007)

Auto-blanking screen 'can help cut fork-lift accidents' (Oct/Nov 2007)

Larger-format portable printer from Brother (Oct/Nov 2007)

Satnav from ALK enhances Cybit's job management functions (Oct/Nov 2007)

Wayfinder mapping on Nokia tablet computer (Oct/Nov 2007)

Satnav that also does tracking (Oct/Nov 2007)

Lone worker tracking from Psion Teklogix and TMS2 (Oct/Nov 2007)

Covert tracker 'no bigger than a matchbox' (Oct/Nov 2007)

Palm-sized GPS unit (Oct/Nov 2007)

Satamatics to market Dilupe in-cab terminals (Oct/Nov 2007)

O2 names Three X best in class (Oct/Nov 2007)

Castle Cement adds task management and POD to tracking package (Oct/Nov 2007)

Satellite tracking helps keep bikers on the road (Oct/Nov 2007)

Skip hire firm save 10 a day through tracking (Oct/Nov 2007)

Document storage specialist streamlines through tracking (Oct/Nov 2007)

Tracking system at heart of crime reporting initiative (Oct/Nov 2007)

Warburtons speeds up purchase decisions with BlackBerry solution (Oct/Nov 2007)

Mobile app saves on social housing operation (Oct/Nov 2007)

Latest mobile management suite from B2M 'takes holistic view' (Oct/Nov 2007)

Mobile management for hauliers from Com-Unit and Momote (Oct/Nov 2007)

End-to-end field service management from ClickSoftware and ServiceBench (Oct/Nov 2007)

Navteq map data to be offered in Oracle's Spatial 11g format (Oct/Nov 2007)

SimplyTrak adopts Mapsolute mapping (Oct/Nov 2007)

Communicator Mobile available on Palm Treo now (Oct/Nov 2007)

Cheap IP mobile phone calls becoming a reality (Oct/Nov 2007)


Tablets - flat out to beat notebooks at their own game (Oct/Nov 2007)

Couriers - first with mobile computing, and still staying ahead (Oct/Nov 2007)

Private van use - benefit or curse? (Oct/Nov 2007)

Evaluation: Curvaceous appeal: The BlackBerry Curve (Oct/Nov 2007)

A star in the making? (Oct/Nov 2007)

Whisky galore - but how do you keep track of it? (Oct/Nov 2007)

Satnav for trucks - on the way at last (Oct/Nov 2007)


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