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Issue 28   April/May 2007


Push mobile management for couriers (April/May 2007)

Psion Teklogix unveils new-generation Workabout (April/May 2007)

Digital and analogue tachs: beware of driving time discrepancy (April/May 2007)

Digital tachographs - 'a big plus' (April/May 2007)

Only half of hauliers have adopted telematics, but a third plan to (April/May 2007)

Dragons Den's Igloo invests in Masternaut tracking (April/May 2007)

Single telematics platform could emerge, but cooperation will be needed (April/May 2007)

Integrating satnav with task management: the savings spelled out (April/May 2007)

Parcelnet mobilises home deliveries with Belgravium (April/May 2007)

Aberdeen 'will recover £220,000 telematics investment in a year' (April/May 2007)

Wi-Fi meets RFID in DHL's pharmaceutical tracking system (April/May 2007)

City Link deploys largest-yet active RFID/Wi-Fi network (April/May 2007)

Vodafone bids for corporate mobile applications business (April/May 2007)

Major order for Symbol/Motorola handhelds (April/May 2007)

Symbol is Motorola now (April/May 2007)

Siemens VDO sells tracking systems to CI Omnibridge (April/May 2007)

O2 sells Airwave to Macquarie (April/May 2007)

Cybit rebrands Thales' specialist tracking solutions (April/May 2007)

Tracking resolves dispute over late arrival (April/May 2007)

Payment by phone? (April/May 2007)

Container tracking on the high seas (April/May 2007)

Savi bids to accelerate container e-seal take-up (April/May 2007)

Psion Teklogix adds new CE truckmount to its range (April/May 2007)

Sleekest handheld yet? Motorola unveils Symbol's MC35 (April/May 2007)

Cash-back offer on Unitech ruggedised handhelds (April/May 2007)

Palm-based PDA from Varlink (April/May 2007)

VoIP handheld from Gotive (April/May 2007)

GlobalTRACS launched into European construction market (April/May 2007)

Tracking for smaller fleets - with reseller appeal (April/May 2007)

ICThings upgrades tracking portal and Web site (April/May 2007)

Mobile management package from MapMechanics (April/May 2007)

Slimmer, smarter RFID/Wi-Fi tag (April/May 2007)

RFID reader that thinks it's a PC (April/May 2007)

More memory for flash-based JLT from (April/May 2007)

Tougher Casio scanner (April/May 2007)

Integration - the name of the game (April/May 2007)

Total transport (April/May 2007)

ISS clinches Northern Rail contract with new mobile system (April/May 2007)

Wessex Water tracks field service teams (April/May 2007)

Siemens' comms roll-out for Norway appoints O2 Airwave (April/May 2007)

Oldest transport company saves with modern telematics (April/May 2007)

Two-year payback (April/May 2007)

Denman streamlines office and field ops in a single package (April/May 2007)

Goodwill gesture secures mobile screening units (April/May 2007)

Live traffic data added to Map24 Mobile (April/May 2007)

Three-dimensional city maps from Navteq (April/May 2007)

Faster-loading, more compact mapping from Tele Atlas (April/May 2007)

Spirit promoting B2M's mprodigy mobile suite (April/May 2007)

Upgraded mobile management platform (April/May 2007)

More versatility from MobiForms (April/May 2007)

Push email without a PC (April/May 2007)

Faster response, more apps support in latest Symbian OS (April/May 2007)

Mobile security, and ways to deal with it (April/May 2007)

'Free' mobile email (April/May 2007)


Versatile handhelds - capable, flexible and fun (April/May 2007)

More capable, less expensive telematics for trucks and trailers: CV Show Review (April/May 2007)

Something to shout about? - Voice-driven technology (April/May 2007)

Evaluation: On the meter: Casio IT3000 - Ruggedised handheld terminal with integral printer and scanner (April/May 2007)

Deliverance tracks meals with DA (April/May 2007)

Asset tracking - more than a convenience (April/May 2007)



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» Versatile handhelds - capable, flexible and fun

» More capable, less expensive telematics for trucks and trailers: CV Show Review