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Issue 27   Feb/March 2007


Wales ambulance service joins England in backing Airwave (Feb/Mar 2007)

Parts kiosk? (Feb/Mar 2007)

Road user petition closes as Government spurns 'policy by referendum' (Feb/Mar 2007)

More from the man behind the petition (Feb/Mar 2007)

Two hours a week wasted in jams (Feb/Mar 2007)

Cybit acquires Thales Telematics (Feb/Mar 2007)

Trimble acquires @Road (Feb/Mar 2007)

GPS built into Nokia phone (Feb/Mar 2007)

Mobility 'enhances lifestyle, but can increase work load' (Feb/Mar 2007)

O2 launches remote worker and asset monitoring (Feb/Mar 2007)

Unified Web portal for Qualcomm cross-border tracking (Feb/Mar 2007)

'Fit and forget' trailer tracking with global coverage (Feb/Mar 2007)

iPass to offer Inmarsat BGAN satcoms (Feb/Mar 2007)

Free satnav? (Feb/Mar 2007)

Buoyant Talecom wins new customers, looks to new markets (Feb/Mar 2007)

Mobile job management from Minorplanet (Feb/Mar 2007)

Integral Mobile acquired by OLM (Feb/Mar 2007)

'Virtual container yard' promises savings (Feb/Mar 2007)

Mapping the potholes (Feb/Mar 2007)

Powerful truckmounts from Psion Teklogix (Feb/Mar 2007)

PDA with integral scanner (Feb/Mar 2007)

Faster transmissions as Microlise in-cab unit gains EDGE (Feb/Mar 2007)

Palm-sized VoIP handheld from Gotive (Feb/Mar 2007)

Smarter portable scanning from Pentax (Feb/Mar 2007)

Faster, more reliable Dragons (Feb/Mar 2007)

Listen before Talk - and improve RFID efficiency (Feb/Mar 2007)

KPI monitoring for speech-driven applications (Feb/Mar 2007)

ZigBee trailer tracking from CMS (Feb/Mar 2007)

Reefermatics system integrates fridge control with tracking (Feb/Mar 2007)

User-configurability to the fore in latest ALK satnav (Feb/Mar 2007)

Road Angel satnav from Masternaut (Feb/Mar 2007)

Mileage checker from Chevin (Feb/Mar 2007)

Fleetfinder expands into transport management (Feb/Mar 2007)

Tracking with Garmin satnav now (Feb/Mar 2007)

Road Tech remembers analogue in digital analysis (Feb/Mar 2007)

Keyboard unshackles label printing from the PC (Feb/Mar 2007)

Instant positioning with stored A-GPS data (Feb/Mar 2007)

Hi-res GPS photography (Feb/Mar 2007)

Mobile solution makes Homerserve's field problems 'go away' (Feb/Mar 2007)

Southern Water to track 500 vehicles (Feb/Mar 2007)

Clothing supplier sharpens security by tracking (Feb/Mar 2007)

Telematics system streamlines and saves for painting company (Feb/Mar 2007)

Cookie Coach 'will recoup mobile investment in a year' (Feb/Mar 2007)

Supermarket servicing specialist tracks trucks in real time (Feb/Mar 2007)

US dental supplier saves with mobile solution (Feb/Mar 2007)

Mobile delivery and POD application (Feb/Mar 2007)

More forms-based apps as Crimson Tide expands (Feb/Mar 2007)

Rapid mobile application development from MobileWorxs (Feb/Mar 2007)

XML speeds interchange with PartsArena application (Feb/Mar 2007)

Slicker on-screen mapping with new Multimap interface (Feb/Mar 2007)

Satellite positioning enhances highway maintenance reporting (Feb/Mar 2007)

Print from your BlackBerry to a fax (Feb/Mar 2007)

Civica acquires Tranman, Servitor suites (Feb/Mar 2007)

Windows-based Treo supports Cortado push now (Feb/Mar 2007)

map&guide routing system goes online (Feb/Mar 2007)


Managing your flock – mobile device management (Feb/Mar 2007)

Right person, right place, right time – Job scheduling for everyone is here now (Feb/Mar 2007)

Salvesen draws trailers into the tracking fold (Feb/Mar 2007)

Evaluation: Advanced Courier Interface (Feb/Mar 2007)

Printing on the move (Feb/Mar 2007)

Housing benefits - field service case study (Feb/Mar 2007)



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