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Issue 25   Oct/Nov 2006


Remote downloading of digi-tach data 'within two years' (Oct/Nov 2006)

Drivers 'don't want to rent trucks with digital tachs' (Oct/Nov 2006)

Unlimited mobile Internet access from 3 (Oct/Nov 2006)

BOC Gases streamlines fleet efficiency with telematics solution (Oct/Nov 2006)

Salvesen's Secureseal tracking system wins commendation (Oct/Nov 2006)

One hundred thousand Satamatics users (Oct/Nov 2006)

IBM and ptv in telematics initiative (Oct/Nov 2006)

WiMAX emerges as 4G mobile solution (Oct/Nov 2006)

Hull roll-out for WiMAX wireless broadband service (Oct/Nov 2006)

Industry mulls implications of Motorola's Symbol acquisition (Oct/Nov 2006)

Oracle acquires Sidewinder's new parent (Oct/Nov 2006)

Nokia buys into satnav market (Oct/Nov 2006)

Masternaut expands into field service with Three-X acquisition (Oct/Nov 2006)

Field force automation from BT (Oct/Nov 2006)

Norwich Union extends telematics-based insurance proposition (Oct/Nov 2006)

Satnav that finds a filling station when you're running low (Oct/Nov 2006)

Could satnav be banishing map-reading skills? (Oct/Nov 2006)

For short-range wireless connectivity, welcome Wibree (Oct/Nov 2006)

Vodafone from Vodafone (Oct/Nov 2006)

Ultra-portable launches by Panasonic (Oct/Nov 2006)

Smallest and lightest rugged laptop? (Oct/Nov 2006)

Now Intermec gives rugged handheld the 'lifestyle' look (Oct/Nov 2006)

... as Intermec adds a touch of flair to fixed-mounts (Oct/Nov 2006)

Usability to the fore in latest Dolphin handheld (Oct/Nov 2006)

High-contrast in-cab screen (Oct/Nov 2006)

TrakM8 SWIFT tracking targets smaller companies and resellers (Oct/Nov 2006)

Cybit repackages Bluefinger system as entry-level product (Oct/Nov 2006)

Tracking add-on for Microlise users (Oct/Nov 2006)

GeoManager extends @Road's UK field service range (Oct/Nov 2006)

Workflow management partnership (Oct/Nov 2006)

Upgraded wearable computer range from Symbol (Oct/Nov 2006)

... and a new wearable unit from LXE (Oct/Nov 2006)

Voice support for wearables from Voxware (Oct/Nov 2006)

Fastest satnav so far? (Oct/Nov 2006)

Satnav and automatic location for digital pen users (Oct/Nov 2006)

Navman aims to keep vehicles running like clockwork (Oct/Nov 2006)

Mobile traffic info on BlackBerrys now (Oct/Nov 2006)

More in the box with latest voice application (Oct/Nov 2006)

Smartcard reader aims to simplify tach data downloading (Oct/Nov 2006)

CarBox packs a punch (Oct/Nov 2006)

Tracking 'could save building services company a quarter of a million' (Oct/Nov 2006)

Tracking saves on MOD building services operation (Oct/Nov 2006)

E.ON opts for Hand Held for meter-reading roll-out (Oct/Nov 2006)

Dyno chooses Aspective for Oracle Siebel mobile solution (Oct/Nov 2006)

Keeping British Airways cargo on track (Oct/Nov 2006)

Tyre supplier improves service by tracking (Oct/Nov 2006)

Water company tracks vehicles to save (Oct/Nov 2006)

LEMONADE aims to put the fizz in mobile email (Oct/Nov 2006)

SPL unveils successor to Sidewinder scheduling (Oct/Nov 2006)

More flexible and capable mobility products from iAnywhere (Oct/Nov 2006)

Navteq aims to extend navigation into transport (Oct/Nov 2006)

Tele Atlas and Symbian to push development of mobile mapping apps (Oct/Nov 2006)

Seamless map overlays as deCarta works with GlobeXplorer (Oct/Nov 2006)

Mobile options now from Multimap (Oct/Nov 2006)

Smarter navigation from Navicore (Oct/Nov 2006)

Momote aims to give mobile users a kickstart (Oct/Nov 2006)


Cost controllers (Oct/Nov 2006)

Playing tunes with signatures (Oct/Nov 2006)

Time to jump on the RFID bandwagon? (Oct/Nov 2006)

Intelligent performer - IBM's telematics drive (Oct/Nov 2006)

GoBook XR-1 (Oct/Nov 2006)

Macfarlane's mobile solution packs a punch (Oct/Nov 2006)

Single network, many benefits for Business Post (Oct/Nov 2006)


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