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Issue 24   Oct/Nov 2006


UPS to deploy 46,000 handhelds (Oct/Nov 2006)

UK is global hub in TNT Express's handheld roll-out (Oct/Nov 2006)

Carillion's fleet customers to be offered vehicle tracking (Oct/Nov 2006)

Satnav for hire from TLS (Oct/Nov 2006)

Is it a phone? Is it a PDA? Is it a camera? Is it an MP3 player? (Oct/Nov 2006)

Five things you never knew a handheld could do (or did you?) (Oct/Nov 2006)

Tracking system 'could offer solution to home delivery failures' (Oct/Nov 2006)

Real-time location systems - the next growth area? (Oct/Nov 2006)

Faster, smarter Dynafleet launched by Volvo (Oct/Nov 2006)

Satnav that helps you decide when to overtake (Oct/Nov 2006)

Palm's navigator uses slot-in map data (Oct/Nov 2006)

Google US throws down gauntlet to traffic information providers (Oct/Nov 2006)

Mapping on the move (Oct/Nov 2006)

E ON chooses Taskforce for field service optimisation (Oct/Nov 2006)

California might ban handheld mobiles at last (Oct/Nov 2006)

Everything in the garden looks rosy (Oct/Nov 2006)

handyPC launches challenge to all-purpose mobiles (Oct/Nov 2006)

Ryanair order boosts in-flight telephony (Oct/Nov 2006)

Schmitz Cargobull's comprehensive trailer tracking system (Oct/Nov 2006)

CMS harnesses ZigBee for real-time temperature tracking system (Oct/Nov 2006)

Core Duo processor speeds up Panasonic's rugged laptops (Oct/Nov 2006)

... as Panasonic adds 3G broadband connectivity (Oct/Nov 2006)

Ruggedised tablet PC from CMC (Oct/Nov 2006)

'Package' approach underpins Unitech's latest handheld launch (Oct/Nov 2006)

Opticon's handheld contender (Oct/Nov 2006)

Faster scanning handheld from Casio (Oct/Nov 2006)

Vocollect voice recognition on Psion Teklogix Workabouts (Oct/Nov 2006)

Truck drivers' satnav system upgraded (Oct/Nov 2006)

Navig8 satnav for BlackBerry users (Oct/Nov 2006)

Webraska navigation on BlackBerry now (Oct/Nov 2006)

'Free' mobile mapping (Oct/Nov 2006)

Handheld launches POD image capture system (Oct/Nov 2006)

More comprehensive management from Cybit (Oct/Nov 2006)

Boss gets warning if driver overloads (Oct/Nov 2006)

TrackStick looks for increased UK presence (Oct/Nov 2006)

Two-dimensional scanning growing steadily - report (Oct/Nov 2006)

Masternaut working with (Oct/Nov 2006)

Chesterfield saves with mobile solution (Oct/Nov 2006)

Durham trials tracking in service fleet (Oct/Nov 2006)

Cannon tracks with Seven Eye (Oct/Nov 2006)

Scanfreight cuts insurance premiums with telematics (Oct/Nov 2006)

Scotsman newspapers saves by tracking (Oct/Nov 2006)

Field service solutions for soft fruit pickers (Oct/Nov 2006)

Plasma tracking display keeps everyone in the know (Oct/Nov 2006)

'Windows on a handheld' wins the day for Jacques Vert (Oct/Nov 2006)

Cortado stand-alone 'push' email launched by Thinprint (Oct/Nov 2006)

BT aims to accelerate development of workforce management system (Oct/Nov 2006)

Scheduling for varying call cycles (Oct/Nov 2006)

Web-based field service app for small businesses (Oct/Nov 2006)

Speed camera data from Tele Atlas now (Oct/Nov 2006)

Remote device management over the Web (Oct/Nov 2006)

Better connectivity for Mobiforms RAD system (Oct/Nov 2006)

Orange pushes AppSwing's mobile application enabler (Oct/Nov 2006)

Fortinet claims first with mobile endpoint security solution (Oct/Nov 2006)

Navteq offers US road speed data (Oct/Nov 2006)


Optimising the optimiser (Oct/Nov 2006)

Middleware - striding to centre stage (Oct/Nov 2006)

Hosted system gains a mobile dimension (Oct/Nov 2006)

TomTom Work - Integrated stand-alone satellite navigation and fleet management system (Oct/Nov 2006)

Service on tap (Oct/Nov 2006)

Rugged but beautiful (Oct/Nov 2006)

A licence to take stock (Oct/Nov 2006)


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