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Issue 23   Summer 2006


NetDespatch's online booking service goes mobile (June/July 2006)

Could Cherry's bid to cut roaming costs spur tracking developments? (June/July 2006)

All-in tracking from RHA Telecom (June/July 2006)

TrakM8 is number one in ABI's telematics rankings (June/July 2006)

Unipart spends 2.5 million on fleet tracking system (June/July 2006)

Army chooses RTL for tank transporter safety system (June/July 2006)

Bluefinger acquisition takes Cybit into maritime tracking (June/July 2006)

3G broadband bursts on to the mobile scene (June/July 2006)

Three plus Seven - winning numbers in the mobile market? (June/July 2006)

Royal Mail's SameDay service using CMS technology (June/July 2006)

New ways to log on when you're on the move (June/July 2006)

Linux gets push for mobile phone use (June/July 2006)

BlackBerry for small businesses from BT (June/July 2006)

E-procurement on the move (June/July 2006)

Real-time traffic information supports phone-based satnav (June/July 2006)

Telcontar is now deCarta (June/July 2006)

Top-spec Symbol handheld raises stakes in user appeal (June/July 2006)

Belgravium's versatile PDA-like handheld (June/July 2006)

Upgraded Optimus from Metrologic (June/July 2006)

Faster Jet handheld from Datalogic (June/July 2006)

Smart but rugged truck-mount from Symbol (June/July 2006)

Telepartner picks Psion Teklogix for rugged EDF deployment (June/July 2006)

CANbus to the fore in latest CMS tracking system (June/July 2006)

Smoother interactive mapping with Btrack tracking (June/July 2006)

Cell-ID tracking gets smarter (June/July 2006)

Navman harnesses satnav power for integrated tracking and despatch (June/July 2006)

Could software-only CoPilot herald advent of lower-cost GPS? (June/July 2006)

Free trial for phone-based satnav (June/July 2006)

Digital and analogue tach analysis from Microlise (June/July 2006)

Infringement filter added to tach analysis system (June/July 2006)

Real-time highway inspection reporting system (June/July 2006)

Easier setup of remote monitoring applications (June/July 2006)

Shell tracks gas tankers with BOX solution (June/July 2006)

Ringway maps gullies with GPS (June/July 2006)

Mansfield tracks response team in real time (June/July 2006)

Deli's Bluetooth solution saves by on-the-spot printing (June/July 2006)

Benefits staff check up on incomes from the field (June/July 2006)

Bio Products smoothes mobile access with mSuite (June/July 2006)

Security specialist tracks with CMS (June/July 2006)

Roadside camera locations in latest Navteq data (June/July 2006)

Remote management, fast development from Datalogic (June/July 2006)

Datalogic extends software links (June/July 2006)

NetMotion VPN certified for Windows Smartphones (June/July 2006)

Dexterra extends BlackBerry's field service role (June/July 2006)

Free maps to get you going (June/July 2006)

Map24 streamlines Web mapping with AJAX (June/July 2006)

Handwriting recognition for mobiles (June/July 2006)

Web services connectivity for GIS (June/July 2006)


Tracking - why affordable needn't mean cheap (June/July 2006)

Truck telematics - now or never? (June/July 2006)

Digital tachographs (June/July 2006)

Evaluation: Vehicle tracking system from Quartix (June/July 2006)

Are you listening? (June/July 2006)

Satnav speeds satellite installations for Alcom (June/July 2006)

Book your despatch from the field (June/July 2006)

Heineken picks BlackBerry for field service roll-out (June/July 2006)


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