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Issue 22   Spring 2006


Digital tachographs - on the road at last (Mar/Apr 2006)

Space Checker global truck and container tracking from SatCom (Mar/Apr 2006)

TNT rolls out mobile programmes in UK and Italy (Mar/Apr 2006)

Minorplanet bounces back with fully-hosted telematics system (Mar/Apr 2006)

The wireless car, courtesy of Telcordia (Mar/Apr 2006)

'No hiding place' in Royal Mail's same-day tracking tour de force (Mar/Apr 2006)

Homebuy tracks 850 vehicles in 1 million telematics deal (Mar/Apr 2006)

Biggest-ever order as Psion Teklogix improves performance (Mar/Apr 2006)

Campaign to encourage remote working (Mar/Apr 2006)

Iveco claims first with electronic maintenance records (Mar/Apr 2006)

How are your drivers really performing? (Mar/Apr 2006)

Digital mapping at the heart of abnormal-load Web site (Mar/Apr 2006)

Navteq completes west European coverage (Mar/Apr 2006)

Minorplanet unveils Web-based telematics system (Mar/Apr 2006)

Cybit offers tracking for less than a pound a day (Mar/Apr 2006)

Position updates every minute (Mar/Apr 2006)

Workflow management, job allocation added to C-track (Mar/Apr 2006)

Dual Core processor for Panasonic's Toughbook (Mar/Apr 2006)

Palm OS powers waterproof handheld (Mar/Apr 2006)

Rugged RFID handheld with low-temperature capabilities (Mar/Apr 2006)

How to toughen up a standard PDA (Mar/Apr 2006)

Dolphin handhelds offered with Masternaut mobile systems (Mar/Apr 2006)

Real-time yard simulation in Encrypta system (Mar/Apr 2006)

Enhanced trailer tracking from Secureseal (Mar/Apr 2006)

Fleet tracking from Thermo King (Mar/Apr 2006)

Trailer and plant GPS tracking units from Portman (Mar/Apr 2006)

Silver service from Seven Eye (Mar/Apr 2006)

Mobile phone navigation 'without constant downloads' (Mar/Apr 2006)

Real-time navigation, online map access from MapQuest (Mar/Apr 2006)

Integrated navigation in Skillweb's job management system (Mar/Apr 2006)

LXE terminals approved for Voxware voice applications (Mar/Apr 2006)

Best-of-breed routing from Microlise (Mar/Apr 2006)

Now you can attach photos to digital pen forms (Mar/Apr 2006)

US fleet opts for Microlise telematics solution (Mar/Apr 2006)

Civil engineering company saves by tracking (Mar/Apr 2006)

McPhillips tracks with Transcomm (Mar/Apr 2006)

Mobile email 'saves council 2,000 a year per person' (Mar/Apr 2006)

Wearable PCs streamline street lighting service (Mar/Apr 2006)

Meter-reading specialist picks 360 scheduling system (Mar/Apr 2006)

British Gas completes first phase of Taskforce rollout (Mar/Apr 2006)

Job delivery and management solution saves millions of miles (Mar/Apr 2006)

eCourier cuts same-day costs with ten-second tracking (Mar/Apr 2006)

Panasonics prove tough on the flight deck (Mar/Apr 2006)

SITA chooses Dolphins for ground handling (Mar/Apr 2006)

Dutch railway saves half an hour per shift with Wi-Fi (Mar/Apr 2006)

Get ready for AJAX - it's coming to a browser near you (Mar/Apr 2006)

Mobile email for the rest of us (Mar/Apr 2006)

Versatile application for handhelds from Codegate (Mar/Apr 2006)

ThinPrint offers formatted printing from BlackBerry and Symbian devices (Mar/Apr 2006)

'All-makes' remote device management from Psion Teklogix (Mar/Apr 2006)

Field service system that rings next customer automatically (Mar/Apr 2006)

Remote management of Dolphin handhelds (Mar/Apr 2006)


Choose your weapon: selecting the right kit for the road warrior (Mar/Apr 2006)

CV Show - Integration, interactivity and visibility to the fore (Mar/Apr 2006)

Capture and collect - mobile data capture (Mar/Apr 2006)

Evaluation: ICThings IC500e - Self-contained asset tracking device (Mar/Apr 2006)

Evaluation: Panasonic CF-P1 Toughbook - Ruggedised handheld computer (Mar/Apr 2006)

One-stop shop (Vodafone case study) (Mar/Apr 2006)

Mobile solution speeds DHL's same-day response (Mar/Apr 2006)


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