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Issue 21   Jan/Feb 2006


Most compact RFID handheld? (Jan/Feb 2006)

Web tablet extends Belgravium range (Jan/Feb 2006)

Skylark slings down the gauntlet on telematics standards (Jan/Feb 2006)

Drivers' hours analysis from Road Tech (Jan/Feb 2006)

Satellic sets out to swoop into road charging arena (Jan/Feb 2006)

Where 'rugged' has to mean just that (Jan/Feb 2006)

Digital tachs - 'definitely by May' (Jan/Feb 2006)

Log on with your laptop wherever you are (Jan/Feb 2006)

Fast 3.5G networks 'could rival Wi-Fi' for mobile broadband connectivity (Jan/Feb 2006)

Belgravium adds mobile retail developer to portfolio (Jan/Feb 2006)

Ship-to-shore and plane-to-shore hub (Jan/Feb 2006)

African clearance (Jan/Feb 2006)

Installing telematics systems safely (Jan/Feb 2006)

Real-time PODs in Palletforce's roll-out (Jan/Feb 2006)

Free congestion charge alerting (Jan/Feb 2006)

Why routing and scheduling makes sense (Jan/Feb 2006)

TDC mobilises Danish field staff with Taskforce (Jan/Feb 2006)

Vidus is now @Road (Jan/Feb 2006)

TomTom bans TamTam brand (Jan/Feb 2006)

ZigBee low-power wireless device networking gathers momentum (Jan/Feb 2006)

Microlise trailer portal slots into supply-chain package (Jan/Feb 2006)

Job management added to Cybit tracking (Jan/Feb 2006)

Boomerang aims to rewrite the book in tracking accuracy (Jan/Feb 2006)

Dot.Net handhelds from Datalogic (Jan/Feb 2006)

Extra-large display in DLoG's latest handheld (Jan/Feb 2006)

Mobile terminals with inclusive messaging from Overview (Jan/Feb 2006)

Compact PDA-style handheld from Casio (Jan/Feb 2006)

Larger display in new Teklogix truckmount (Jan/Feb 2006)

More rugged Intermec handheld (Jan/Feb 2006)

Multi-function satnav from Globalsat (Jan/Feb 2006)

Software satnav from Sygic launched (Jan/Feb 2006)

Wi-Fi card for handhelds (Jan/Feb 2006)

Distributors gain stronger role with Hand Held Products (Jan/Feb 2006)

Sleeker GPS module from TDC (Jan/Feb 2006)

ZigBee comms for depot monitoring hub (Jan/Feb 2006)

Meter-reading company makes 'huge savings' with routing and scheduling (Jan/Feb 2006)

Bus operator avoids bridge bashing with Bridgewatch (Jan/Feb 2006)

Acumen chooses Skillweb for integrated track and trace (Jan/Feb 2006)

Waste monitoring with handhelds (Jan/Feb 2006)

Samworth fits RFID-based temperature monitoring from Secureseal (Jan/Feb 2006)

A clear view of the landscape (Jan/Feb 2006)

Laundry equipment company boosts field service productivity (Jan/Feb 2006)

Gaming specialist rolls out field service solution (Jan/Feb 2006)

Mobile maintenance application from Agility developer (Jan/Feb 2006)

Easy application development for Datalogic from MCL (Jan/Feb 2006)

mSuite 'push' email suite expanded as Norbord reports savings (Jan/Feb 2006)

CE gateway aims to speed mobile apps development (Jan/Feb 2006)

More flexible sales planning from PTV (Jan/Feb 2006)

Mobile Internet supplier expands into fixed links (Jan/Feb 2006)

Design your piping as you go (Jan/Feb 2006)

Synchronisation for Windows Mobile 5.0 (Jan/Feb 2006)


Intelligence at work - real-time job scheduling (Jan/Feb 2006)

Wired up - in-cab computers (Jan/Feb 2006)

Technology linked with common sense to ease the parking problem (Jan/Feb 2006)

Evaluation: Panasonic CF-18 Toughbook - Panasonic (Jan/Feb 2006)

Evaluation: TrafficTV: Real-time traffic updates to your mobile phone - MX-data (Jan/Feb 2006)

Mobile device management (Jan/Feb 2006)

Power to the trailers (Jan/Feb 2006)

Job scheduling underpins mobile solution (Jan/Feb 2006)


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