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Issue 18   July/Aug 2005


LRUC abandonment sparks anger over fuel duty imbalance (July/August 2005)

Managing resources better with tracking and mobile technology (July/August 2005)

Ambulance trusts opt for Airwave in 390 million deal (July/August 2005)

Digital tachs - you can use them if you can get them (July/August 2005)

Forwarders 'need track and trace to keep ahead' (July/August 2005)

Waveform and Handheld work together on food traceability (July/August 2005)

Biggest-ever trailer location system for Salvesen? (July/August 2005)

AA upgrades Tele Atlas map data for patrols (July/August 2005)

RAC renews Transcomm patrol contract (July/August 2005)

Tracking built into GPS-enabled mobiles (July/August 2005)

Push once to talk (July/August 2005)

Cheaper international mobile calls? (July/August 2005)

Worldwide roaming with Vodafone Mobile Connect (July/August 2005)

Pink ladies track taxis with Masternaut (July/August 2005)

Fined for 'piggybacking' Wi-Fi connection (July/August 2005)

Mobile solutions 'prompting a fundamental change' (July/August 2005)

'Consumer-style' handheld from Intermec (July/August 2005)

'Value' handheld launched by Symbol (July/August 2005)

Radix to the rescue for Husky FS users (July/August 2005)

Slim, light tablet PC could rewrite the rule book for mobility (July/August 2005)

Low-cost vehicle tracking from Courier Directory (July/August 2005)

Volvo's GPRS Dynafleet offers Europe-wide coverage (July/August 2005)

All-in-one telematics package launched by trakm8 (July/August 2005)

Vehicle mount for Panasonic CF-P1 (July/August 2005)

MapMechanics Mobile links routing and navigation (July/August 2005)

TomTom's two-wheeler satnav will use Navteq data (July/August 2005)

Next-generation' navigation from Navigon (July/August 2005)

Navigator that tracks speed cameras (July/August 2005)

Unchain your Ethernet equipment, says Symbol (July/August 2005)

Beam your content to your printer (July/August 2005)

Versatile portable receipt printer from Paxar (July/August 2005)

Voice to text to voice: Vocera has arrived (July/August 2005)

Belgravium launches RFID gate reader/writer (July/August 2005)

Real-time video surveillance for trucks? (July/August 2005)

Tracking saves Thames Water ten per cent (July/August 2005)

West One saves by installing Minorplanet telematics system (July/August 2005)

Solutions@Work mobilises with LetsComIT for maintenance contract (July/August 2005)

Marshall tracks fridge engineers (July/August 2005)

Scan as you go (July/August 2005)

Dyson streamlines service scheduling with Sidewinder (July/August 2005)

Insurance assessor cuts costs by tracking (July/August 2005)

Real-time job scheduling for Danka service (July/August 2005)

Mirrored servers for Telepartner's ServiceNet (July/August 2005)

Sidewinder scheduling added to Service Manager suite (July/August 2005)

Proof of delivery added to Sandpiper mobile suite (July/August 2005)

Working time compliance added to 360 resource planning (July/August 2005)

Telcontar opens online resources to developers (July/August 2005)

Upgrade to map&guide map server (July/August 2005)

Navteq adds Russia, Bulgaria maps (July/August 2005)

Web mapping made easy (July/August 2005)

Good adds smartphone and Lotus wireless support (July/August 2005)

Extended push capabilities from Extended Systems (July/August 2005)


LRUC: RIP, or should we lament its passing? (July/August 2005)

Smarter working, whichever way you look at it (smartphones) (July/August 2005)

Integration - the new mantra in field service? (July/August 2005)

Evaluation: Mapaphone - mobile phone tracking (July/August 2005)

Scheduling, the dynamic way (July/August 2005)

Scheduling opens windows of opportunity (July/August 2005)

Trailers - are you sure you're on the right track? (July/August 2005)


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