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Issue 17   May/June 2005


Alturion satnav software now on offer in UK (May/June 2005)

Darling's road pricing flyer treats LRUC as foregone conclusion (May/June 2005)

FTA launches its own tachograph analysis hardware (May/June 2005)

Electronic tach deferment take-up continues (May/June 2005)

UPS upgrades DIAD mobile data capture system (May/June 2005)

Volvo goes GPRS with telematics package (May/June 2005)

Hard-disk Palm PDA crosses boundaries (May/June 2005)

GPS and RFID tracking promises 'anywhere, any time' monitoring (May/June 2005)

Inter-network hotspot roaming gains ground (May/June 2005)

'Hotspots without tears' could extend availability (May/June 2005)

Vodafone cuts roaming costs (May/June 2005)

Transcomm branches out into tracking (May/June 2005)

Portable tracking system 'helps maintain RTD compliance' (May/June 2005)

New telematics supplier emerges from Psion buyout (May/June 2005)

Skillweb deal signals Belgravium's mobile advance (May/June 2005)

Push email from Vodafone (May/June 2005)

Romec to supply Astrata's telematics solution (May/June 2005)

Route guidance 'that won't replace one jam with another' (May/June 2005)

Award for open telematics system (May/June 2005)

Windows Mobile 5.0 gains in power, versatility and resilience (May/June 2005)

Modular handheld on the way from Intermec (May/June 2005)

Belgravium goes graphical with latest truckmount (May/June 2005)

Upgraded Tungsten - connectivity for under 150 (May/June 2005)

SupaTrak offers full tracking for under 6 a week (May/June 2005)

Skeletal trailers targeted in Seven Eye tracking system (May/June 2005)

Cobham recruits Fox for tracking push (May/June 2005)

Cybit adds mapAmobile phone tracking to Fleetstar offer (May/June 2005)

Smallest Inmarsat-D tracking system yet? (May/June 2005)

CPS sells tracking technology in Brazil (May/June 2005)

More user configurability in latest Destinator (May/June 2005)

Gen 2 RFID handhelds coming (May/June 2005)

Psion Teklogix adds RFID printing (May/June 2005)

Printronix launches new thermal printing platform (May/June 2005)

A customer a day for Quartix (May/June 2005)

Electronic seals 'close the RFID loop' (May/June 2005)

Lighter, faster, tougher portable printer (May/June 2005)

Bluetooth scanner from Symbol (May/June 2005)

Vocollect launches new-gen voice computer, adds third-party support (May/June 2005)

VSc launches hosted routing and scheduling (May/June 2005)

Satnav and job management combined in Lantern system (May/June 2005)

Ambulance trusts 'reach patients faster by tracking' (May/June 2005)

Fall guy goes mobile (May/June 2005)

Road Transport Directive pushes Scottish carrier towards telematics (May/June 2005)

All London buses to be tracked (May/June 2005)

BA staff gain corporate access on their own mobiles (May/June 2005)

Eaton Williams mobilises maintenance team with LetsComIt (May/June 2005)

Compaddress streamlines service planning with 360 system (May/June 2005)

Are your mobile devices compromising your security? (May/June 2005)

Security tightened in parts application (May/June 2005)

BlackBerry support for mforms rapid development system (May/June 2005)

Idesta and Delia working together on service management system (May/June 2005)

Extended lane information in Navteq mapping (May/June 2005)

Maps that show traffic density (May/June 2005)

Web services 'offer seamless mapping integration' (May/June 2005)

GGP and Survey Supplies work together on GIS (May/June 2005)

Dexterra adds support for BlackBerry, Palm and Symbian (May/June 2005)


Evaluation: Diamond Jet, handheld terminal from Datalogic (May/June 2005)

Fit for the task, or fit for anything? - handheld terminals (May/June 2005)

Rugged performers get a continental tune-up - Psion Teklogix (May/June 2005)

Telematics - they work if you let them (May/June 2005)

Truckmakers' telematics - more than just vehicle monitoring (May/June 2005)

How Argos streamlined store picking with voice (May/June 2005)

Telematics - soon the norm, but still a differentiator now (May/June 2005)

If you're going to use RFID, get the most out of it (May/June 2005)


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