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Issue 16   March/April 2005


Conflicting lorry road-user reports, but little prospect of a rethink so far (March/April 2005)

Imaginative solutions counter the RTD gloom (March/April 2005)

DPD takes 6,000 handheld terminals (March/April 2005)

World's first GPS-enabled camera? (March/April 2005)

No digital tachs for another year (March/April 2005)

Biggest trailer tracking installation yet? (March/April 2005)

Thales telematics units extended to motorcycle market (March/April 2005)

Cognito hits ten thousand mark with CitySprint (March/April 2005)

Worldwide satellite broadband edges closer (March/April 2005)

Smarter phone-based tracking (March/April 2005)

Mobiles going on air? (March/April 2005)

Continuous cold-temperature air cargo monitoring (March/April 2005)

'Hybrid navigation' unfolds (March/April 2005)

Vehicles that report accidents by themselves (March/April 2005)

Palm reinforces presence in phone market (March/April 2005)

BlackBerry options for T-Mobile (March/April 2005)

E-TEN PDA adds SIM-free smartphone option (March/April 2005)

Tracking systems costs fall as versatility rises (March/April 2005)

Tough but stylish tablet computer from Belgravium (March/April 2005)

Tough terminal from Nordic ID (March/April 2005)

Gotive speeds up by nearly a third (March/April 2005)

'You don't need a handheld - a PDA will do' (March/April 2005)

Wire3 offers digital pens, enters new markets (March/April 2005)

RFID-enabled truck-mount from LXE (March/April 2005)

Mobile printer targets direct store deliveries (March/April 2005)

Sleeker Crypta seals 'are more RF-friendly' (March/April 2005)

Astrata tracking offers compact hardware, low cost and extended reach (March/April 2005)

Modular telematics package from Vascotrack and Mi (March/April 2005)

Portable phone networks gain versatility (March/April 2005)

'Switch to Fleetstar' scheme aims to woo uses from rivals (March/April 2005)

Navigation unit that's also a PDA (March/April 2005)

Integrated reader/printer (March/April 2005)

Navigation maps for Russia (March/April 2005)

More countries, more roads with TomTom (March/April 2005)

On-board mapping in mobile phone satnav system (March/April 2005)

Diskless RoadMate lowers price barrier (March/April 2005)

Telematics system monitors product as well as vehicles (March/April 2005)

Meter-reading specialist installs telematics (March/April 2005)

Tracking street cleansing vehicles brings 'dramatic savings' (March/April 2005)

Mapping company goes mobile (March/April 2005)

Telematics help keep 'sheltered' supplier efficient (March/April 2005)

Meals on wheels speed up with telematics system (March/April 2005)

Tracking for waste processor (March/April 2005)

Property company automates payroll, monitors routing with telematics (March/April 2005)

Wireless asset management system targets hire firms (March/April 2005)

'Click and you're monitored' lone worker system (March/April 2005)

How to print BlackBerry documents in public (March/April 2005)

Microsoft synchronisation for Symbian (March/April 2005)

Real-time traffic data integration from Telcontar (March/April 2005)

Tracker saves with switch to GeoConcept (March/April 2005)

Baracoda updates Bluetooth middleware (March/April 2005)

Fleet licensing option for MapPoint (March/April 2005)


Taming the unattached (March/April 2005)

Running out of time - RTD solutions (March/April 2005)

Evaluation: Vocollect Talkman T2: Speech recognition system from Vocollect (March/April 2005)

Telematics - why you need them - and why you're going to get them (March/April 2005)

Rugged laptops facilitate facilities management (March/April 2005)

Voice recognition - the message is getting louder (March/April 2005)

Voice caters for foodservice growth (March/April 2005)


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