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Issue 15   Jan/Feb 2005


Road-user charging concerns rise in volume (Jan/Feb 2005)

Working Time add-ons as day of reckoning looms (Jan/Feb 2005)

Rico appoints DA for half-million pound mobile solution (Jan/Feb 2005)

German motorway toll system goes live (Jan/Feb 2005)

Work out your tolls with Teleroute (Jan/Feb 2005)

Mobile solutions for double-decker plane maker (Jan/Feb 2005)

WiMAX wide-area wireless network for Kent (Jan/Feb 2005)

More wired Web access at airports (Jan/Feb 2005)

Wireless lab in Scotland (Jan/Feb 2005)

Live traffic video on your mobile (Jan/Feb 2005)

RAC tracks breakdowns via drivers' mobile phones (Jan/Feb 2005)

AA launches its own PDA-based navigator (Jan/Feb 2005)

Seamless roaming key to United Utilities' mobile roll-out (Jan/Feb 2005)

Field engineers 'are an unexploited sales asset' (Jan/Feb 2005)

Courier system aims to track deliveries to the last turn (Jan/Feb 2005)

Vidus bought by US-based @Road (Jan/Feb 2005)

If you lose your laptop, do it in a taxi (Jan/Feb 2005)

Psion targets mobile users with smaller Workabout (Jan/Feb 2005)

PDA-style handheld on the way from Datalogic (Jan/Feb 2005)

DLOG's tough on-board contender (Jan/Feb 2005)

Entry-level satnav from Navman (Jan/Feb 2005)

Nordic's Nitro RMS deal stretches the retail proposition (Jan/Feb 2005)

Isotrak gets Active (Jan/Feb 2005)

Cybit adds GPRS tracking (Jan/Feb 2005)

Nokia rolls out RFID-enabled field service application (Jan/Feb 2005)

Proximity tracking finds best-placed engineer (Jan/Feb 2005)

Multimap adds fleet-wide tracking, multi-platform location (Jan/Feb 2005)

Wider portable printer from Maxatec (Jan/Feb 2005)

Integrated reader/printer (Jan/Feb 2005)

Wireless Bluetooth adapters (Jan/Feb 2005)

Collision warning system from RTL (Jan/Feb 2005)

Thales gains CAT 5 security rating (Jan/Feb 2005)

Hella suppliers to fit Eye-TraX (Jan/Feb 2005)

Radio, GPS and Wi-Fi antenna all in one (Jan/Feb 2005)

Radio-frequency fuel dispensing system (Jan/Feb 2005)

Intermec announces 'generation 2' RFID reader (Jan/Feb 2005)

Spirit offers 2D scanners from InData (Jan/Feb 2005)

Gas safety compliance certificates go by wireless (Jan/Feb 2005)

Richmond tracks minibuses and staff in real time (Jan/Feb 2005)

Scarlet Couriers cuts costs with mobile solution (Jan/Feb 2005)

Promac keeps engineers on track (Jan/Feb 2005)

Ringway standardises on Masternaut (Jan/Feb 2005)

Furniture company improves efficiency with telematics (Jan/Feb 2005)

Network Rail sharpens rapid response with telematics (Jan/Feb 2005)

Fujitsu streamlines service by switching to GPRS (Jan/Feb 2005)

Tracking opens the door to productivity improvements (Jan/Feb 2005)

PDA-based fleet inspection system launched (Jan/Feb 2005)

Telepartner supports 9500 Communicator (Jan/Feb 2005)

Enterprise integration for mobiles (Jan/Feb 2005)

Sentrio looks for UK expansion (Jan/Feb 2005)

Latest version of Symbian adds configurability, remote management (Jan/Feb 2005)

Aerial maps enhance Tracalert 'duty of care' tracking (Jan/Feb 2005)

Your mobile phone just upgraded itself (Jan/Feb 2005)

Contour mapping from Intermap (Jan/Feb 2005)

Navteq mapping completes US population coverage (Jan/Feb 2005)


How would you liked your charging scheme served up? (Jan/Feb 2005)

Tracking means knowledge, and knowledge is power (Jan/Feb 2005)

Driving working time compliance (Jan/Feb 2005)

Wireless solutions - we've only just begun (Talecom interview) (Jan/Feb 2005)

Evaluation: Dynafleet On-Line - now with satnav (Jan/Feb 2005)

Forget paperless - go wireless, and feel the benefits (Jan/Feb 2005)

Wireless printing speeds parcels through ANC depots (Jan/Feb 2005)

Mobile technologies keep TNT ahead (Jan/Feb 2005)


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» How would you liked your charging scheme served up?

» Tracking means knowledge, and knowledge is power