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Issue 14   Nov/Dec 2004


Curvy look to smart HHP handheld (Nov/Dec 2004)

Field service targeted with tough new tablet (Nov/Dec 2004)

Could 'increasing scepticism' prompt review of lorry road-user charging? (Nov/Dec 2004)

'Still too much confusion in telematics market' (Nov/Dec 2004)

Transco's Brand field service package gains 'best of decade' award (Nov/Dec 2004)

Traffic information shake-up (Nov/Dec 2004)

Scottish Water rolls out telematics package (Nov/Dec 2004)

Incompatible tachs 'won't provide links to management systems' (Nov/Dec 2004)

Transcomm adds GPRS to network offering (Nov/Dec 2004)

WiMAX wireless networks 'could challenge 3G and fixed broadband' (Nov/Dec 2004)

Tracking by Wi-Fi (Nov/Dec 2004)

BT Mobile throws emphasis on convergence (Nov/Dec 2004)

Handset harmony in prospect? (Nov/Dec 2004)

Vodafone rolls out 3G consumer service (Nov/Dec 2004)

Texting - can it play a role in business communication? (Nov/Dec 2004)

UK-Africa container tracking trial gets under way (Nov/Dec 2004)

Galileo bids are now in (Nov/Dec 2004)

Satamatics acquires ActionTrack (Nov/Dec 2004)

Cybit adds phone tracking with mapAmobile acquisition (Nov/Dec 2004)

Masternaut director defects to Max (Nov/Dec 2004)

Cordless Bluetooth scanner from Intermec (Nov/Dec 2004)

Radix handhelds in RFID parking enforcement system (Nov/Dec 2004)

LXE adds RFID capability to MX3 (Nov/Dec 2004)

Fuzzy logic offered on Belgravium's Atlanta terminals (Nov/Dec 2004)

Bluetooth satnav on smartphones (Nov/Dec 2004)

Satellite navigation from Socket (Nov/Dec 2004)

Journey plan messaging and navigation packages from Thales (Nov/Dec 2004)

Customisable journeys with Alturion GPS (Nov/Dec 2004)

Robust trailer and container tracking (Nov/Dec 2004)

Rugged handhelds for tracking system (Nov/Dec 2004)

Tracking by texting (Nov/Dec 2004)

Telematics to the fore as VSC fleshes out despatch software suite (Nov/Dec 2004)

Intermec claims first as new RFID standard is agreed (Nov/Dec 2004)

Flash memory goes giga (Nov/Dec 2004)

Co-op's door seal system brings tracking capability (Nov/Dec 2004)

NetDespatch equips Amtrak with online shipping (Nov/Dec 2004)

Sainsbury's fits telematics system for home deliveries (Nov/Dec 2004)

Tracking for Newham's gritters (Nov/Dec 2004)

iTouch mobilises housing repairs (Nov/Dec 2004)

TNT extends use of data-only network (Nov/Dec 2004)

Domnick Hunter rolls out real-time field service system (Nov/Dec 2004)

Telematics cut cost for tile distributor (Nov/Dec 2004)

'Massive growth' in mobile data market, says networking specialist (Nov/Dec 2004)

Linux on mobile handsets? (Nov/Dec 2004)

Wireless credit card applications (Nov/Dec 2004)

Good handheld support gets better (Nov/Dec 2004)

Field inspection for vehicles from PDAs (Nov/Dec 2004)

Personal management software for Symbian mobiles (Nov/Dec 2004)

Wireless supply chain launched (Nov/Dec 2004)

Telepartner adds mobile email to field service offering (Nov/Dec 2004)

More detailed navigation maps from Navteq (Nov/Dec 2004)

More international maps (Nov/Dec 2004)

Expanded and updated 3D mapping (Nov/Dec 2004)


Charging blindly ahead? - Road user charging (Nov/Dec 2004)

Going mobile - what's holding you back? (Nov/Dec 2004)

Mobile data clicks for courier companies (Nov/Dec 2004)

Evaulation: mForms - making child's play of mobile data (Nov/Dec 2004)

Mobile data - the appeal of doing it over the Web (Nov/Dec 2004)


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» Charging blindly ahead? - Road user charging

» Going mobile - what's holding you back?