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Issue 11   May/June 2004


Digital pens - fourth-generation mobile computing? (May/June 2004)

Evaluation: GoBook Q-200 ultra-rugged handheld computer (May/June 2004)

Lamp-post to the future? (May/June 2004)

Wi-Fi networks enhance French public transport (May/June 2004)

Dolphin approaches the end of the line (May/June 2004)

Telematics-based lorry road user charging: Government presses ahead (May/June 2004)

Incident tracking ready for Athens Olympics (May/June 2004)

Satellite tracking of unpowered assets (May/June 2004)

'GPS in a box' for Palm Tungstens (May/June 2004)

Lack of awareness 'could curb telematics growth' (May/June 2004)

Is your data at risk? (May/June 2004)

Sybase grabs Xcellenet (May/June 2004)

Exel rolls out vehicle tracking system in China (May/June 2004)

Exel opens RFID development centre (May/June 2004)

Kuehne & Nagel to launch mobile data business (May/June 2004)

Tiny telematics system from Masternaut (May/June 2004)

Volvo's Dynafleet goes all-Web (May/June 2004)

Sky roll-out hits the thousand mark (May/June 2004)

Parcels tracking system proves key to patient transport (May/June 2004)

RFID in DI's rugged handheld (May/June 2004)

Lightweight handheld from Datalogic (May/June 2004)

Wireless Bluetooth scanner from Socket (May/June 2004)

Slimline handheld from Belgravium (May/June 2004)

HHP adds long-range model, upgrades to Windows Mobile (May/June 2004)

Symbol steps up drive into mobile market (May/June 2004)

RFID built into LXE's latest handheld (May/June 2004)

'Fuel Saver' scheme to get smaller hauliers interested in telematics (May/June 2004)

Duplex scanner to speed POD and archiving process (May/June 2004)

Another wireless portable printer from Toshiba TEC (May/June 2004)

Merc combines radio, navigation and telematics in new Fleetboard system (May/June 2004)

RedPrairie adds asset tracking to portfolio (May/June 2004)

Handheld scanners for static asset tracking system (May/June 2004)

VSc adds Maple depot access tracking, UPS scheduling (May/June 2004)

Accent on analysis in Track@Phone GSM-based tracking system (May/June 2004)

Automatic polling added to FleetOnline phone-based tracking (May/June 2004)

Real-time connectivity in HaulTech TMS (May/June 2004)

Breakdown recovery deal for rental tracking specialist (May/June 2004)

Bluetooth keyboard that works with smartphones (May/June 2004)

Scaleable "enterprise-strength" voice management system (May/June 2004)

Tropical plant specialist gets 2020 vision (May/June 2004)

Handhelds speed Heineken delivery data capture (May/June 2004)

Tyre fitters go mobile (May/June 2004)

Gilbarco streamlines service calls with dynamic scheduling (May/June 2004)

Tracking and delivery management for nursery products supplier (May/June 2004)

When staff start to set the mobile agenda (May/June 2004)

Cat operators can monitor performance remotely (May/June 2004)

Concord drivers 'love mobile solution' (May/June 2004)

Pay-as-you-go mobile service management (May/June 2004)

Navteq adds contours, drops prices (May/June 2004)

Rapid development for handhelds (May/June 2004)

Pointsec security for Sony Ericsson smartphones (May/June 2004)

Mobile sales package from Extended Systems (May/June 2004)

Fast-deployment mobile sales solution (May/June 2004)


Narrowing the digital divide (May/June 2004)

Handy to have, and tough with it (May/June 2004)

K&N'S bid to reel in forwarders with e-POD (May/June 2004)

Scheduling complex service calls in real time (May/June 2004)

Joined-up working (May/June 2004)


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