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Issue 9   Jan/Feb 2004


Working time directive demystified on your mobile (Jan/Feb 2004)

Tough Bluetooth portable printer from Panasonic (Jan/Feb 2004)

Road user charging debate hots up (Jan/Feb 2004)

Midlands toll issue simmers on (Jan/Feb 2004)

While remote charging debate continues, first tolled motorway opens (Jan/Feb 2004)

Software that plans around tolls (Jan/Feb 2004)

Rethink in prospect on digital tachs implementation (Jan/Feb 2004)

PepsiCo rolls out mobile field service solution (Jan/Feb 2004)

Palm cuts colour Zire price, upgrades budget model (Jan/Feb 2004)

Addison Lee orders 800 QuikTrak systems (Jan/Feb 2004)

Hotspots - the momentum continues (Jan/Feb 2004)

Wireless advice from UK Online (Jan/Feb 2004)

RFID take-up 'still slow' (Jan/Feb 2004)

IBM joins Philips to promote smart tags in tracking (Jan/Feb 2004)

Tracking system recovers truck in first month of use (Jan/Feb 2004)

Gulf airline aims to track cargo round the world (Jan/Feb 2004)

Tracking to the last inch? (Jan/Feb 2004)

Real-time POD systems, and how to specify them (Jan/Feb 2004)

Volvo protects PDAs with Pointsec (Jan/Feb 2004)

Galileo 'will need coordination for assured growth' (Jan/Feb 2004)

T-Mobile carries off m-commerce award (Jan/Feb 2004)

Three X targets transport with smart mobile solution (Jan/Feb 2004)

Marshalls tracks with Cybit (Jan/Feb 2004)

Comprehensive mobile solution launched by supply chain specialist (Jan/Feb 2004)

Live tracking centrepiece of Sentinel telematics system (Jan/Feb 2004)

Real-time tracking 'for ten pounds a week' (Jan/Feb 2004)

Telematics and mobile data service launched (Jan/Feb 2004)

Cybit goes GPRS (Jan/Feb 2004)

LXE's handhelds to support voice recognition (Jan/Feb 2004)

Out-of-the-box handheld from Intermec (Jan/Feb 2004)

Wireless networking enhances Blackberry's corporate appeal (Jan/Feb 2004)

Wireless dial-up from your PDA (Jan/Feb 2004)

Handheld label printer from Brother (Jan/Feb 2004)

Van conversions from VDO (Jan/Feb 2004)

Bluetooth scanner from Opticon (Jan/Feb 2004)

Commitment adds linear imager scanner (Jan/Feb 2004)

Centralised printer management from Zebra (Jan/Feb 2004)

French anti-theft tracking system (Jan/Feb 2004)

Truck tracking, US-style (Jan/Feb 2004)

Water contractor rolls out digital pens to field staff (Jan/Feb 2004)

Real-time tracking proves cool asset for ice company (Jan/Feb 2004)

Kitchen and bathroom delivery firm introduces mobile data (Jan/Feb 2004)

Nisa streamlines picking with voice recognition system (Jan/Feb 2004)

RFID to track buses in Bogot (Jan/Feb 2004)

Video specialist introduces wireless reporting (Jan/Feb 2004)

O2 extends its reach with new supplier relationships (Jan/Feb 2004)

AquiTec partners with Belgravium to offer real-time WMS (Jan/Feb 2004)

Talisman card verification for Mnetics (Jan/Feb 2004)

Pre-packaged mobile applications from Orsus (Jan/Feb 2004)

'Dynamic' mapping smoothes integration (Jan/Feb 2004)

Maps gaining focal role in data analysis (Jan/Feb 2004)

Adding mapping to your applications (Jan/Feb 2004)

Mobile fault-finding made easy (Jan/Feb 2004)


Tracking by mobile - can it ever superannuate the satellites? (Jan/Feb 2004)

TNT gears up for global handheld roll-out (Jan/Feb 2004)

Evaluation: mapAmobile - GSM phone-based tracking service (Jan/Feb 2004)

Intelligent seals keep cargo secure (Jan/Feb 2004)

Multi-tasking handhelds at Tesco (Jan/Feb 2004)

RFID - on track in the real world? (Jan/Feb 2004)

Wi-Fi on trains - a clue to future connectivity? (Jan/Feb 2004)


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» Tracking by mobile - can it ever superannuate the satellites?

» TNT gears up for global handheld roll-out